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Achieving Behavioural Change (ABC)

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Behaviour Change Course

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Product - Behavioural safety in construction introduction


The Behaviour Change Course is perfect for all contractors who work on construction and civil engineering projects.


The Behaviour Change Course is a classroom or remote course with group participation.

Max Delegates : 20 Face to Face (12 Remote)
Duration : 6-7 Hours

Behaviour Change Course

The Achieving Behavioural Change Course (ABC) aims to provide delegates with the knowledge and understanding of how attitude, behaviour, communication and worker engagement can help to reduce the chances of risks happening.

The course material is intended for everyone who works on a building site, and the instruction is created to be applied to any specific construction scenario. For those charged with adopting a behavioural change related to site safety in a construction scenario, this is a particularly important course.

This course covers everything from the basic legal duties of employers and employees, to the effects of good and poor safety performance. The course will also define types of risks, hazards and control measures to ensure candidates have the correct knowledge to understand how to deal with them.


The basic legal duties of employers and employees
Define hazards, risks and control measures
List possible causes of accidents
Understand the link between attitude and behaviour
Understand the costs of poor safety performance
Understand the benefits of good safety performance
Put ABC into practice using the STAARR and TASK card
Successfully complete the course assessment
The certification from this course is valid for 3 years, to remain certified candidates will need to retake the course before the expiry date.
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ABC – Achieving Behavioural Change
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