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Face Fit Testing

Face Fit Testing (Qualitative)

This Training/Testing can be completed at our client’s premises or at a convenient, suitable location, this can also be adapted to a Respiratory Protection Course to meet client’s requirements.

Who should attend the Face Fit Training

This can be scheduled as a one day or half day session and is designed for any employee who may have the need to wear Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to protect their health from the use or creation of hazardous substances in the workplace.


This is a classroom-based Toolbox talk with practical group participation on the pre-use fit check of the delegates own RPE used within the workplace, individual sensitivity test and fit test will be conducted for each type, make or model of single use or half mask the employer provides the wearer.

Duration : Half day – Max Tests 10
Duration : Full day – Max Tests 20

Face Fit Training Aims

To provide delegates with the confidence that the RPE being provided by the delegates employer is adequate for the hazards presented in the workplace and is suitable to offer the required Assigned Protection Factor (APF) to protect the delegates health and prevent possible future respiratory diseases.

Face Fit Training Learning Outcomes

On completion of this fit testing, delegates will be able to:
Understand the relevant Regulations relating to respiratory protection
Identify hazards and causes of respiratory health issues in the workplace
Be able to complete pre-use fit check
Be able to confidently wear single use masks and/or half mask respirators

Face Fit Course Content

Below is a brief overview of the content of the fit testing:
Responsibilities of the Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) wearers
Pre-use fit check
Sensitivity test
7 Fit test exercises
Confirmation of Fit Test Pass/Fail
Issue of Qualitative Fit Test Report (Given to site representative)
More information
Face Fit Testing Prerequisites
Delegates are to bring the Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) that they use within the company to the test.
If delegates use different Makes/Models/Types of RPE they must be tested on each item.
Delegates are to bring other PPE that they use in the workplace that may interfere with the RPE fit such as: Hard Hats, Ear Protection, Goggles or Glasses etc.
All delegates receiving Face Fit Testing should be clean shaven around the seal area of the masks (see images below).
All delegates receiving Face Fit Testing should have no more than 16 hours facial hair growth prior to the testing.
Prior to Face Fit Testing prerequisite Toolbox Talk will take place and health questionnaire will need to be completed.
Delegates are required to have a clean pallet before the test and are requested not to eat, smoke or drink anything other than water up to 30 minutes before any test.
Face Fit Test Grant : N/A Not Eligible for Grant
Fit Test Report
Workforce Skills Support Fit Test report will be provided for all face fit tests conducted

Expiry: 2 Years

Ongoing repeat fit tests may be required more frequently if the wearers face shape changes due to significant weight loss or gain, scars or moles, injury such as broken nose or jaw, substantial dental work, facial piercings, effects of aging or introduction or change of new head worn PPE.
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Face Fit Testing
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