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CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme – SMSTS

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CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme – SMSTS

Qualification Title

CITB - Health and Safety in construction Site Management


Site Managers or those intending to progress into a Site Management role

Total Qual. Time

5 Days
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About The Course

The Site management safety training scheme (SMSTS) is a five-day course designed for site managers, or aspiring site managers. It is designed for those with responsibility for planning, managing, monitoring, and coordinating activities in a construction environment.

The course covers relevant health, safety and environmental legislation affecting safe working in the building, construction and civil engineering industries. It highlights the need for risk assessment in the workplace, the implementation of the necessary control measures, and adequate communication to sustain a health and safety culture among the workforce.

Course Content

This course is endorsed by Build UK and upon completion of the course candidates will be able to:
manage and implement health, safety and environmental aspects on site, in accordance with current legal provisions and within the context of their management role
implement new guidance and industry best practice
develop an understanding of responsibility and accountability for site health, safety, welfare and the environment
recognise that a safe site is efficient, economical, productive and environmentally friendly

Site Managers Refresher Course – SMSTS-R (2-Day Course)

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Frequently asked questions about CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme – SMSTS

SMSTS stands for Site Management Safety Training Scheme, which is a training course designed for construction site managers, supervisors, and other personnel who are responsible for managing and supervising construction activities. Here are some frequently asked questions about SMSTS:

What is the SMSTS course?

The SMSTS course is a training course that aims to provide site managers and supervisors with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage and supervise construction activities safely. It covers a range of topics, including health and safety law, risk assessments, site set-up, and communication.

How long is the SMSTS course?

The SMSTS course is a five-day course, which is typically delivered in a classroom environment. The course includes a mix of theory and practical activities.

Who should attend the SMSTS course?

The SMSTS course is designed for construction site managers, supervisors, and other personnel who are responsible for managing and supervising construction activities. It is particularly suitable for those who are new to the role or who have limited experience in managing construction sites.

What are the benefits of attending the SMSTS course?

Attending the SMSTS course can provide a range of benefits, including improved knowledge and understanding of health and safety regulations, improved communication and management skills, and a better understanding of how to manage construction activities safely and effectively.

Grant Claims

The Health and Safety in Construction Site Management course is eligible for a Tier 3 Grant claim, this grant can only be claimed once per candidate per lifetime and the grant does not renew.

See Here to find out more about the Grants that can be claimed for this course

If dates are required for a classroom version of this course please contact us on 01623 287830 For Availability

Is the SMSTS course mandatory?

The SMSTS course is not mandatory, but many employers and contractors require their site managers and supervisors to have completed the course as part of their ongoing professional development.

What is the pass mark for the SMSTS course?

The pass mark for the SMSTS course is 80%. Candidates who achieve a score of 80% or higher will receive a CITB certificate of achievement.

How long is the SMSTS certificate valid for?

The SMSTS certificate is valid for five years. After five years, candidates will need to complete the SMSTS Refresher course to renew their certificate.

Can the SMSTS course be delivered online?

Yes, the SMSTS course can be delivered online, but it must be delivered by an accredited training provider who has been approved by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

Is there a refresher for the SMSTS course?

Yes, if you have attended a previous 5-day SMSTS Course of Subsequent 2-day refresher course, you will be eligible to attend a 2-day refresher course if your current certification hasn’t expired.

Is there any publications that I need to purchase for the course?

All course material will be provided when you have been successfully booked on the course, this will include the CITB GE700 Construction Site Safety – The Comprehensive Guide, this is included in the course cost.
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CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme – SMSTS
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