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CITB Short Qualification Grant

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CITB Short Qualification Grant

The CITB short qualification grants are given upon the achievement of core construction skills that are less than 1 year long. The goal of the grant is to help improve the core construction skills that are needed throughout industry.

Who can apply for CITB Grants?

In order to apply for a CITB grant for short courses you need to be registered with CITB and you have to meet their general Grants Scheme terms and conditions.
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How Much can you claim ?

For each achievement of a full short qualification, up to a maximum of four at each level per individual.

The Different Types of construction Qualifications that fall under the Short Qualification Grant are listed below.

• NVQ at Levels 2 and above and SCQF at Levels 5 and above
• National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety
• Plant-related vocational qualification (VQ) achievements
• Specific plant related VQ units
There is currently a skills gap in the Construction Industry for rainscreen cladding so an additional £400 for Rainscreen Cladding VQs achieved from 1 April 2022, on top of the usual £600, giving a total grant value of £1,000.

£300 for each achievement of a plant related Level 2 VQ unit, up to a maximum of three per individual. The plant VQ unit achievements are also included in the cap of four Level 2 achievements per individual.

Short qualification grant


Grant increases for Supervision and Management NVQ's

CITB are introducing an increased grant for management and supervision NVQs to support construction workers transition from an Industry Accreditation (IA) card to a qualification.

CSCS have withdrawn all of the Industry Accreditation meaning any card issued from the 1st January 2020 will expire on 31st Dec 2024 and cannot be renewed. This is to premote the card schemes displaying the CSCS logo with no equivalents accepted.

Supervision Grant


Management Grant


Supervision - £1,250 Grant increase

Level 3 in Built Environment Design
Level 3 in Construction Contracting Operations – [any subcategory]
Level 3 in Occupational Work Supervision (Construction)
Level 3 in Site Inspection
Level 3 in Surveying, Property and Maintenance
Level 4 in Construction Site Supervision

Management - £1,500 Grant increase

Level 6 in Construction Site Management
Level 6 in Built Environment Design Management
Level 6 in Construction Contracting Operations Management – [any subcategory]
Level 6 in Senior Site Inspection
Level 7 in Construction Senior Management
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Which qualifications are covered for grant?
A wide range of core construction NVQ's are approved by CITB from Level 2 to level 7.

You can apply for grant if you’re a CITB Registered employer and up to date with your Levy Returns. As well as fulfilling our general Grants Scheme terms and conditions and specific requirements for this grant.
Frequently asked questions about CITB Grants for Short Courses
How Many CITB Grants can you claim?
There is a cap on how many applications that you can make for the CITB short duration grants in the same year. This is dependent on many factors and CITB will internally calculate it.

However everyone that is applicable will have a minimum of 35 applications per year.
How to apply for CITB Grants?
Workforce Skills Support is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) which means that when you book with us we will claim the grant while also booking your training.
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CITB Short Qualification Grant
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