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Our team consists of specialists who have extensive experience in providing development programs for the construction industry. We have dedicated and enthusiastic professionals behind all our operations, who bring their long-term industry experience to the table. Together, we work towards delivering effective and sustainable solutions that cater to the unique needs of the construction industry.
who are we
About us

Who Are We?

Workforce Skills Support is a private training provider specialising in the construction sector providing our clients with the training they want for their workforce when they want it.

We are a one stop shop for health and safety courses and vocational qualifications across the country. We are a team of specialists that have a wealth of experience in providing development programmes to the construction industry. With
long term industry experience and dedicated, professional enthusiasts behind all our operations.

We believe that developing the skills of workers in the construction industry is crucial to the health of the UK economy – that’s why we are working with
employers to make sure our industry has the right skills in the right place, at the right time. We work with construction employers to help them improve skills, increase their competitive edge and respond to the many challenges employers face.
About us

What We Do

We engage with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to ensure construction employers have access to high quality training
through our CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO) status.

We are a team of construction experts with years of experience in the industry. We are a respected training provider in the sector that is dedicated to providing the best training and customer experience.

We strive to provide employers with the training they want for their workforce when they want it. We aim to make it easy for construction levy registered employers to get funding and claim related achievement grants for our courses and qualifications.

We listen to our clients so that we can stay ahead of change and respond to our customers evolving needs.
what we do

Meet the Directors

  • With a wealth of industry experience my business partners and I took the decision to start our own business venture with a shared interest in creating a better vision for development programmes to the construction sector. We strive to foster an environment in which excellence in service is expected and celebrated by the whole team.

    Having spent 20 years in the training sector I have progressed the corporate ladder through hard work and determination with roles that have incorporated all aspects of the commercial and government funded training starting at the humble beginnings of telephone sales, business development progressing to roles as Project Manager, Administration Manager and Learning and Development Director.

    For the past 15 years I have worked specifically in construction training – it is a sector I love and am passionate about. We listen to our clients so that we can stay ahead of change and respond to our clients evolving needs. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved at Workforce Skills Support and will continue to drive the business forward and support our clients.

    Natalie Williams

    Director of Workforce Skills Support Ltd
  • I have worked within the construction industry for 26 years, my journey started as a site operative/supervisor in the civil engineering sector, this led me to join the Royal Engineers with 9 years’ service and involvement to supervise and manage various large construction/engineering projects throughout the world, upon leaving the military I continued my career in the construction industry and was heavily involved with contract lifting operations before moving into a managerial role for site operations and this led me to pursue a career as a Health and Safety professional.

    My role within Workforce Skills Support Ltd is to manage and monitor the quality and delivery of commercial construction training we provide, this includes in-house and recognised accredited training provision such as CITB Site Safety Plus approved courses, I develop and approve the training material we deliver to maintain the highest standard of quality to meet our client specifications and tailor our courses to make them bespoke to assist our clients meet organisational Health and Safety capabilities, I engage with individuals at all levels through our clients businesses and provide Health and Safety information, advice and support on legislative standards and safe working practices.

    Through the experience obtained within the construction sector I am able to carry out NVQ assessments at various levels from Level 2 to Level 7, I am also qualified in internal quality assurance and assist the team in these procedures to ensure our awarding bodies quality standards are upheld.

    Sean McCloskey

    Director of Workforce Skills Support Ltd
  • In 2017 myself and two colleagues, all of whom have been involved within the Construction Industry for numerous years, decided to create a “one stop shop” for individuals and companies within the sector, to offer all elements of training and accredited qualifications. This led to the creation of Workforce Skills Support Ltd (WSS).

    My role is to manage, support and control all NVQ Delivery / NPORS training and testing, to maintain quality assurance and liaising with Awarding Bodies and external organisations. Engagement with the client is vital to ensure they get the correct training and support to suit their business needs, myself and the WSS team ensure that the support is given to attain correct training and qualifications through available funding sources, whilst also continuing engagement with them through their training calendar.

    Having spent 10 years in the Royal Engineers, British Army I entered civilian life were I was employed on Construction sites as a Plant Operator, in the last 15 year I have been involved within Construction Training as an assessor, Internal / External quality assurance and recently NPORS accredited tester and trainer.

    WSS are a member of the British Covenant and ELCAS scheme, which I am spear heading to engage with all British Forces going through re-settlement to support them and their families into the transition of civilian life from their respective job roles within the forces.

    Mark Branson

    Director of Workforce Skills Support Ltd
Meet Our Team

Naomi Heseltine

Administration Manager
My Favourite part about working for Workforce Skills Support is the sense of achievement I get when I leave the office every day. It is a lovely team to work with and I really enjoy helping to improve processes to create a better customer experience.
alan brookes workforce skills

Alan Brookes

Senior Account Manager
I started my career as a fully qualified City & Guilds Mechanical Engineer, and after years of working all around the North of England, I went into sales. I went into telecommunication sales with several big comms companies in The Midlands and Yorkshire. For 15 years, I was fortunate to run my own telecommunications business with great success. Then, with over 25 years of sales experience, I ventured into software sales with an Australian company that taught me so much about software solutions. Covid hit, and the rest is history. 

June 2023 was a defining moment for me when I found a sales manager’s role at Workforce Skills Support Ltd. Construction was never on my radar but I’m so glad we collided and met each other. I can honestly say I love coming to work here; we have great support and brilliant, experienced people here. This company is growing and is going to be the best construction training company in the UK.
Workforce Skills Meet The Team Jake

Jake Hayes

Business Development Co-ordinator
My name is Jake Hayes and I have worked for Workforce Skills Support for 1 year+ I have learnt a lot about the construction industry and all the training there is from Site Safety Plus to NVQs, my favourite part of working for Workforce Skills Support is the working environment and the people who work here, I am the Business Development Coordinator, I work with clients and the sales team to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Dean Scott

Customer Service Administrator
I enjoy coming to work every day because I am always learning something new, and each day Is different. The team I work with are very creative and supportive which makes me happy to call them my friends.

Stacy Pownall

Customer Service Administrator
There are many reasons why I really enjoy my job at workforce skills support from growing my skillset and developing my knowledge of the construction training industry to Feeling a sense of belonging and liking the people I work with as we spend the majority of our time in our work environment.
paul marsh workforce skills support

Paul Marsh

Business Development Manager
I pride myself in delivering a great customer experience from start to finish. With over a decade in customer relations and sales, enjoying the ever-changing environment in the construction training industry learning new things every day and excited to help and develop people’s skills. I excel in communicating which is key to establishing people’s needs and working together to obtain the relevant skills needed. Working within a team that helps and supports each other makes the environment an enjoyable one to work in.
rubie parkes workforce skills support

Rubie Parkes

Telesales Advisor
In March 2023, I became part of the Workforce Skills Support team as a Telesales Advisor, joining with little to no knowledge of the construction industry or various training but with the support from fellow colleagues, I have greatly grown my knowledge of the construction industry and I am always eager to learn something new.

I enjoy each day at work as every day is different and new challenges get thrown at me. I work with such a supportive work team, which creates a relaxed and happy working environment. Our team works collectively alongside one another to produce the best quality work and service which gives you a sense of achievement at the end of every day.
Workforce Skills Meet The Team Toby


Security & Wellness Officer
Hi! My name is Toby. My job is to make sure that everyone who walks through the door gets past my sniff test before I let them through. I take my job very seriously! From time to time, I'll let everyone in the office know that I've got everything under control by giving them a nuzzle.
Acclaim Accredited
Proqual Accredited
Armed Forces Covenant Accredited
SQA Accredited
CITB Accredited
NPORS Accredited
IATP Accredited
ACAD Accredited
Bita Accredited
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