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CITB Grants for Short Courses

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CITB Short Durations Grants

The CITB short duration grants are given upon the achievement of courses that are anywhere from a minimum of 3 hours to 29 days long. The goal of the grant is to help improve the core construction skills that are needed throughout industry.

Who can apply for CITB Grants?

In order to apply for a CITB grant for short courses you need to be registered with CITB and you have to meet their general Grants Scheme terms and conditions.
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How much can you claim ?

The amount that you can claim is dependent on the course, longer courses will be applicable for a larger grant, the grants are split into tiers with set amounts, these are:

Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3 

As of the 1st April 2023 CITB have doubled the grant rates for short course tiers 1 – 3. To help support with rising costs of training you can now receive T1-£60, T2-£140 or T3-£240

The grant for each course is only once per candidate per lifetime, unless the course has a refresher scheme.
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Renewal Courses & Refreshers

A renewal involves the repetition of the full course

If a candidate is required to renew the training after a set amount of time then the full grant can be claimed, however this can only be claimed once within the renewal period.

Refresher courses are a shorter version of the full course designed to update the knowledge and understanding of a candidate.

The Grant for refresher training is half of the Tier 1,2 or 3 that can be claimed on the full length course
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Plant standards and grants

New plant training standards and grants are being introduced by CITB From 31st July. The new standards will introduce standardised plant training and testing requirements across the construction industry.

The first set of new standards have been developed in collaboration with industry working groups, made up of employers, providers and federations. These new standards represent a real change in the way that plant training and testing is delivered, streamlining the system and making grants more accessible.

Tier 1

New Novice Rate: £550
New Experienced Rate: £250

Tier 2

New Novice Rate: £630
New Experienced Rate: £300

Tier 3 

New Novice Rate: £880
New Experienced Rate: £470
As of the 31st July 2023 CITB will introduce the updated grant rates for both experianced and Novice Plant training and tests. Currently, three smaller grants are available for practical test, theory test and short course training, which employers can apply in different ways. Under the new changes a single grant will be available for all CITB registered employers.
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How many CITB Grants can you claim?
There is a cap on how many applications that you can make for the CITB short duration grants in the same year. This is dependent on many factors and CITB will internally calculate it.

However everyone that is applicable will have a minimum of 35 applications per year.
How to apply for CITB Grants?
Workforce Skills Support is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) which means that when you book with us we will claim the grant while also booking your training.
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CITB Grants For Short Courses
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