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Off-site Manufactured Assemblies NVQ

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Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Construction using Off-site Manufactured Assemblies (Construction)


Erection and assembly of cold formed steel frame products
The Level 2 Construction using Off-Site Manufactured Assemblies NVQ is for those working with Manufactured Assemblies that are not created on site. Candidates are required to show their competence of health, safety and welfare while working on site, in addition to this candidates must also be able to safely and effectively move, handle and store resources in the workplace. This certificate operates with several mandatory units and then 4 pathways in which the candidate must choose one, these are listed below.


CSCS Blue Skilled Worker Card


Pathway 1: Cold Formed Steel Frame – Erection

Pathway 2: Cold Formed Steel Frame – Assembly/Erection

Pathway 3: Modular and Portable Building

Pathway 4: Erection of Precast Concrete – Structural

Qualification Structure

Pathway 1 is for candidates that erect steel frames, in the form of walls, floors and roofing, the pathway also covers the installation of steel frame fittings.
Pathway 2 is for candidates that prepare, assemble and erect erect steel frames in the form of walls, floors and roofing, the pathway also covers the installation of steel frame fittings.
Pathway 3 is for candidates that work with modular and portable buildings, including the installation, manufacture, and dismantling of modular, temporary and portable buildings within the workplace.

Candidates must also show their competence in other related optional units, including installation of basic plumbing, applying paint systems and slinging and hand signalling the movement of suspended loads.

Candidates must complete SIX units:

• THREE Mandatory units, plus
• ONE unit from Optional Group 1, and
• TWO units from Optional Group 2
Optional Group 1
Optional Group 2
Pathway 4 is for candidates who erect precast concrete structural units within the workplace, this pathway covers roles of Slinger Signaller and movement of suspended loads in the workplace.
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NVQ Level 2 Diploma Off-site Manufactured Assemblies
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