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EUSR National Water Hygiene

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EUSR National Water Hygiene Card Course

Total Qual. Time

3-4 Hours
It is increasingly expected that all those handling water for human consumption carry a ‘Blue Card’ to demonstrate competence and their understanding of safe water hygiene practices. This applies to contractors, facilities management organisations, environmental health practitioners, water engineers, and plumbers.
Any person working in a restricted operations area must be in possession of a National Water Hygiene card. This includes sites such as service reservoirs, water pumping stations, water treatment works, wells, springs and boreholes or working on the network of water mains and service pipes.

EUSR National water Hygiene

This course can be adapted to suit the client’s requirements. Training can be delivered on site using the client’s training room or at a convenient, suitable location.

Who should attend our EUSR Course

Anyone who works in either Water Treatment or Construction Industries, where they may come into contact with Potable Water.

EUSR Course Duration: Half day – 3 hour course

EUSR Course Objectives

This course is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of the need for good hygiene when working with potable water.

EUSR Course Content

Objectives of the course are as follows:
To ensure that all individuals are aware of the ways in which potable water could be contaminated
To ensure that individuals who work with potable water understand that it is their responsibility not to allow the water to become polluted
To ensure that individuals reach a nationally agreed level of training
At the end of the course delegates are required to sit the National Water Hygiene Test.
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CITB Grants

CITB Grant Course Code: GET2314

Grant: Tier 1 = £60 per person

Workforce Skills Support has CITB Approved status delivering CITB Assured Courses as listed in the Construction Training Directory. We are recognised by CITB as well as the British Construction Industry as a training provider who can deliver good quality training that meets the industry approved standards. We are part of the CITB’s automated grant payments system, making it easier for employers to book courses with us for their workers and be reimbursed for it.

Please note: There is a cap on how many times an employer can claim a Short duration course achievement grant. The link directs you to the CITB website for information on the amount of claims allowed based on your last levy return.

If a candidate has been paid grant for a particular course in a lifetime, they will not be eligible for grant again for the same course, unless it has specific refresher standards published on the short duration course register.

If refresher course standards do exist for a particular course, then only one refresher is grant eligible in a lifetime for each candidate.


On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive an EUSR National Water Hygiene Card, which is valid for 3 years.
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EUSR National Water Hygiene
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