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Refresher Licensed Asbestos Manager Training - Cat C Asbestos Manager Refresher

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Refresher Licensed Asbestos Manager Training - Cat C Asbestos Manager Refresher

Qualification Title

Refresher Licensed Asbestos Manager – IATP Approved


Management & Planning of Asbestos Works


IATP accredited certificate

Who Should Attend the Refresher Asbestos Manager Training Course?

This course is aimed at individuals who are required to maintain their competency levels obtained through previous achievement of the New Asbestos Manager or Subsequent refresher course within the last 12 months. 
Total Qual. Time : 1 Day

Max Delegates : 12 or 6 where training needs analysis has identified a requirement for practical training

Course Aims

This training helps current industry knowledge and support for those wanting to maintain competency in the management duties to meet the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, the associated Approved Codes of Practice and safe systems of work.

The refresher course aims to allow the maintenance on underpinning knowledge which will be reviewed through a Training Needs Analysis which will enable knowledge gaps to be met through our training provision.

The subject detailed below may be delivered learning needs of attendees, so that you will be able to carry out your management duties effectively, and be able to:
Recognise the types, uses and risks of asbestos containing materials
Recognise the health hazards of asbestos
Demonstrate a knowledge of Asbestos Related Legislation
Understand the requirements of site set up, maintenance and dismantling
Understand the requirements of controlled stripping techniques
Understand the requirements of respiratory protective equipment
Understand the requirements of personal protective equipment and clothing
Understand the requirements of transit procedures and decontamination
Understand the requirements of cleaning and clearance air testing
Understand the requirements of plant and equipment
Understand the requirements of waste management and disposal
Understand the requirements of emergency procedures
Recognise potential non-asbestos hazards associated with asbestos removal
Recognise common faults associated with asbestos removal
Understand the roles and responsibilities within an asbestos removal company
Recognise the need for site inspections and record-keeping
Understand the requirement for management systems and monitoring
Understand the requirements for risk assessments and plans of work
Understand the requirements for information, instruction and training
Understand the correct decontamination and transit procedures
Understand use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment
Understand the construction of enclosures and airlocks
Understand the use of controlled stripping techniques

Refresher Asbestos Manager Training Course Content

Below is a brief overview of the content of the training:
Identify the types, history of asbestos and the risks of emergency and remedial work
Asbestos related diseases and risks of emergency and remedial work
Asbestos related legislation and the duties of individuals
Requirements for site set up
Controlled Stripping techniques and the requirements
Transit and decontamination procedures
Air testing requirements
Waste management and disposal
Asbestos removal requirements
Record keeping and site inspections
Management systems and monitoring
Implement and monitor on the job training
Enclosures and airlocks
How Will Candidates Be Assessed?
At the end of each module a question and answer session will be held to ensure that the candidate has the necessary knowledge in order to progress, the tutor will continually assess the candidate and give them oral feedback on their progress.

At the end of the course, an invigilated closed book written examination will be completed by each candidate individually, the passing mark of this exam is 80%.
ACAD Card Information
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Refresher Licensed Asbestos Manager Training - Cat C Asbestos Manager Refresher
Acclaim Accredited
Proqual Accredited
Armed Forces Covenant Accredited
SQA Accredited
CITB Accredited
NPORS Accredited
IATP Accredited
ACAD Accredited
Bita Accredited
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