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Learn About The Handheld Disc Cutter in Construction Training Course

October 14, 2022
What is this course about?
The Handheld Disc Cutters course is an accredited CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO) Course.The course Handheld Disc Cutters in Construction is the progression course from the abrasive wheels theory course and provides information and practical training on the safe use of abrasive wheels equipment’s relevant to your work. This practical use of abrasive wheels course can be delivered to cover the safe use of electrical/battery operated bench mounted or handheld abrasive wheel equipment such as grinders, circular saws, mitre saws and bench grinders, it will also cover petrol cut off saws (Stihl, Husqvarna, Makita etc.) relevant to your needs, this will include the use of various types of blades (Diamond, grinding, cutting discs) and will go through the inspection, mounting procedures and practical use and demonstrations.
Who should attend this course?
The course is intended for individuals who are new to the use of abrasive wheels or require refresher training, this will be an essential part of maintaining competency in this equipment.This course is suitable for those who may be required to use, supervise, or manage a selection of abrasive wheels equipment’s including associated resources (cutting, grinding and diamond wheels) as part of the safe management of abrasive wheels equipment and ancillaries including, storage, inspections, maintenance, mounting wheels, and using of portable hand-held, bench mounted or petrol cut-off saws abrasive wheel equipment.
What Delegates will learn from this course
The purpose of this course is to ensure that participants understand their obligations under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) with regard to the secure mounting and practical use of abrasive wheels and discs on portable and bench mounted machinery:
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this course delegates will be able to:
  • explain the relevant health & safety legislation relating to the safe use of handheld disc cutters
  • identify suitable personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment required, for example eye protection
  • identify and select the correct type of portable handheld disc cutter and disc
  • describe how to store, handle and transport portable handheld disc cutters
  • explain the purpose of completing a site assessment prior to starting work
  • undertake inspection and pre-start checks
  • describe the procedure for dealing with defective equipment
  • explain the safety features of a portable handheld disc cutter
  • refuel or recharge a portable handheld disc cutter
  • Manufacturer’s manual
  • demonstrate and explain the importance of fitting fuel cap correctly
  • Assessment checklist
  • explain procedures when dealing with fuel spillage
  • identify and use dust suppression and water collection systems
  • Manufacturers manuals for wet & dry vacuums
  • demonstrate how to safely fit a cutting disc
  • demonstrate the correct technique for starting a portable handheld disc cutter
  • operate portable handheld disc cutters
  • demonstrate checking and adjusting the guard with respect to the direction of sparks
  • explain the causes of kickback, and how to avoid kickback
  • demonstrate cutting various materials using correct techniques
  • demonstrate how to support material for cutting on the ground
  • perform post stop checks
Is there any funding available for this course?
YES.If your company is a CITB levy payer, each delegate who attends the course may be eligible for the Tier 1 grant of £30 per person.To be eligible to claim a grant for this course you must have completed the prerequisite course – Abrasive Wheels Theory Training Course within the last 12 months.Learn More About The
Course duration and renewal frequency
This course lasts one day (6 learning hours), renewal for this training is recommended every 3 years to ensure you maintain knowledge of current industry standards, we offer a refresher course to assist with this requirement upon successful completion of the Handheld Disc Cutter in Construction training.
Additional progression route after attending this course?
Natural progression from this course is to maintain competency in the use of this type of equipment covered in the Handheld Disc cutter safety in construction course, the refresher course will keep you updated on industry good practice and statutory requirements.Another progression route is to obtain a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) specific to your trade or workplace activities you undertake, you can contact us for further advice to identify a suitable qualification to assist in your development.
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