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Learn About The Construction Site Manager NVQ

October 21, 2022

What does a Construction Site Manager Do?

A Construction site manager has the job of Overseeing, monitoring, and managing the progress of projects on a construction site, Ensuring the safety of construction sites by making safety inspections and enforcing safety guidelines, protocols and Working cooperatively and liaising with clients and/or potential stakeholders and update them on progress. It includes implementing good housekeeping practices and site safety plans, as well as encouraging employees to report any hazards. It can be as simple as using checklists to streamline processes and keep workers safe. It also involves ensuring that hazardous materials and combustible materials are kept in safe locations.

What qualifications do you need to be a construction site manager?

The NVQ Level 6 Construction Site Management qualification is a competency-based qualification designed for individuals already working in or aspiring to work in this role. This qualification demonstrates that learners have the knowledge and skills required to manage a construction site, including financial management, risk assessment and communication. The course also covers sustainability and client satisfaction.

A Construction Site Management NVQ provides recognition for construction site management while providing a pathway to professional membership (CIOB). Achieving a high-quality construction site requires communication. In order to achieve this, a construction manager must be flexible. This will allow him or her to deal with unforeseen problems, and to make changes as needed. The goal is to avoid problems and create a productive working environment. The aim of Construction Site Management is to improve construction efficiency while improving project outcomes.

The NVQ specific to Site Management is divided into two pathways, dependent on individual Roles and Responsibilities.  These are Building and Civil Engineering and Demolition.

The Building and Civil Engineering route can cover varied roles within Construction Management including Traditional and Heritage Buildings and Structures, Maintenance Activities of Property, Services or Systems and Tunnelling Activities. The Demolition route is solely focused on Demolition works and responsibility as a Site Manager.  

On achievement of this qualification, learners will then be eligible to apply for a CSCS Black Card, relevant to the route they have selected and completed.  Once the NVQ in Site Management has been achieved and certification issued, the learners must have an in-date CITB Managers and Professional Health, Safety and Environmental Test before applying for the card.  The CSCS Black Manager Card is valid for 5 years and can be renewed after this period if the candidate has an in-date CITB Managers and Professional Health, Safety and Environmental Test ( additional requirements are required for the application of Demolition CSCS card through National Demolition Training Group).

Need More info about this NVQ?

Please contact us at Workforce Skills Support if you require any additional information on the Site Management NVQ and/or the CSCS card Schemes. 

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