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CDM 2015 for Principal Contractor

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CDM 2015 for Principal Contractor

About the Course

This training course can be delivered on-site using the client’s training room or at a convenient, suitable location, it will provide an overview of CDM 2015 regulations detail the responsibilities and legal requirements of the principal contractor, and go through the construction phase plan content and requirements and is delivered under the CITB’s standards.

Who should attend

This course is designed for people who will be undertaking management roles on behalf of the principal Contractor (PC) within the construction industry and will need to understand their role and responsibilities as per the CDM 2015 regulations and the interface between the other duty-holders.

Max Delegates: 15
Duration: 1 Day Course
Delivery: This is a classroom-based course with practical group participation.

Principal Contractor
Course Aims

This course aims to provide the relevant information to those who will be undertaking the role of principal contractor so that they understand their responsibilities and how it integrates into the full scope of CDM and co-operation procedures with other duty-holders.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this training, delegates will be able to:
describe the key requirements of CDM 2015
describe the responsibilities and legal requirements of the principal contractor and contractor
explain the roles and legal responsibilities of key stakeholders within the CDM 2015 legislation
prepare the construction phase plan
identify contractor assessment requirements
identify key techniques used in planning, managing and monitoring construction work
apply CDM part 4 general requirements for all construction sites
identify methods of ensuring contractor and worker engagement
identify health and safety file requirements
CDM 2015 for Principal Contractor FAQs
Is this course delivered to any specific standards?
Yes, Workforce Skills Support is a CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO), and the course is delivered to the CITB Standards found in the link.
Will I receive Certification on completion of the course?
Yes, you will receive a Workforce Skills Support accredited certificate that will last 3 years.
Can my company claim the CITB Levy grant if they pay into the Levy scheme?
Yes, but the company must be up to date with their levy and can claim the relevant entitlement for each delegate in attendance on the course who successfully achieves all requirements, see below for details:

CITB Grant Course Code: GET2369 Grant: Tier 1 = £60 per person (Non-lifetime, grant renewal) 

Workforce Skills Support has CITB Approved status delivering CITB Assured Courses as listed in the Construction Training Directory. CITB and the British Construction Industry recognise us as a training provider who can deliver good quality training that meets industry-approved standards. We are part of the CITB’s automated grant payments system, making it easier for employers to book courses with us for their workers and be reimbursed for it. 

Please note: There is a cap on how many times an employer can claim a Short duration course achievement grant. The link directs you to the CITB website for information on the amount of claims allowed based on your last levy return. If a candidate has been paid a grant for a particular course in a lifetime, they will not be eligible for the grant again for the same course, unless it has a specific
refresher standards published on the short-duration course register. 

If refresher course standards do exist for a particular course, then only one refresher is grant-eligible in a lifetime for each candidate.
Can I or my company still do this course if they don’t pay into the Levy scheme?
Yes, there are no requirements to be a part of the CITB Levy Scheme to be eligible to undertake this course and it will still be delivered to the same standards.
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CDM 2015 Principal Contractor
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