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Bricklaying NVQ Level 3 Trowel Occupations

About this NVQ

Qualification title

ProQual Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Trowel Occupations (Construction)


Advanced Craft - Bricklayer
This Level 3 NVQ is for those undertaking works such as erecting and setting out complex masonry structures and other advanced crafts within the occupation.


CSCS Gold Skilled Worker Card

Qualification Structure:

Candidates must achieve a minimum of 150 credits:
59 credits by completing all of the mandatory units
A minimum of 14 credits from the Optional units

Mandatory Units

Optional Units

What is a Level 3 NVQ in bricklaying?
This NVQ is a vocational qualification that assesses a bricklayer's competence in various aspects of brickwork, including laying blocks and bricks, setting out and constructing masonry structures, and interpreting construction drawings. It is a nationally recognized qualification in the UK.
What are the prerequisites for this NVQ?
The prerequisites for the Level 3 NVQ in bricklaying may vary depending on the training provider or awarding body. However, typically, candidates should have completed the Level 2 NVQ in bricklaying or an equivalent qualification, have a minimum of two years of industry experience, and be able to demonstrate the required knowledge, skills, and competence in brickwork.
What does the assessment for the bricklaying NVQ involve?
The assessment involves both on-the-job and off-the-job assessments. On-the-job assessments involve the candidate demonstrating their competence in a range of bricklaying tasks, such as setting out and constructing masonry structures, interpreting construction drawings, and laying bricks and blocks. Off-the-job assessments may include written assignments, online tests, or practical assessments.
What career opportunities are available with this NVQ qualification?
With a Level 3 NVQ in bricklaying, candidates can progress their careers within the construction industry. Some potential career paths include site supervisor, construction manager, self-employed bricklayer, or further study to achieve higher-level qualifications in construction, such as a degree in construction management.
Can I apply for a CSCS card on completion?
Yes, You can be eligible for the CSCS Gold Skilled Worker card, as long as you have completed the specified Health and Safety Test within 2 years of applying for the card.
How do i enquire about the Level 3 NVQ in bricklaying?
You can enquire about the Level 3 NVQ in bricklaying by contacting Workforce skills Support today!
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NVQ Level 3 Trowel Occupations (Bricklaying)
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SQA Accredited
CITB Accredited
NPORS Accredited
IATP Accredited
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