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How To Become A Site Manager

November 7, 2022

What does a site manager do?

They organise work on construction sites with the emphasis on health and safety, working to agreed timescale and agreed budgets. A Manager will engage with all personnel which will include architects, surveyors and tradesmen. Our blog Learn About the Construction Management NVQ talks about the role of a Site Manager in more detail 

What do you need to become a site manager

There are several routes to becoming a Manager and these vary based on your existing experience.

University to gain a Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) accredited qualification 

An Apprenticeship with a construction employer is a good way to join the industry. Most construction trades offer an apprenticeship route. Talentview helps construction employers and individuals who want to join the construction industry connect.

For those already in the sector but wanting to progress to a Site Manager our blog About the SMSTS Management Course helps provide a helpful insight into this stepping stone site manager course

For those already in the industry wanting to evidence their experience as a site manager there are numerous NVQ’s you can partake in, depending on your specific roles and responsibilities as a Site Manager.  We have specialist assessors within all these areas ( Demolition, Asbestos, Tunnelling etc.), after an initial conversation they can then advise on the correct qualification to enroll on.

Once registered on the qualification you will be allocated an assessor, who will then support you through the assessment.  You will be provided with resources to enable and support you in generating the required evidence, whilst having your assessor available as and when needed. 

How long does the Site Manager course take?

It can be completed in a few days or take up to 12 months depending on experience. We can adapt the assessment to suit all individuals, this can be face to face site visits or remote visits. Within Workforce Skills Support we believe interaction and engagement from the assessor is a vital tool to encourage and support you through this journey, we will not send out hundreds of questions that need to be answered and returned, we will be on the journey throughout to support and advise.

How much is a site manager paid?

Site Manager salaries vary but as you become more experienced the potential earning can reach in excess of £50,000 PA. The guide below sourced from Go Construct gives an overview of the earning potential (Salaries have been collected from multiple industry sources)

  • Assistants/trainee site managers can earn £25,000 – £35,000
  • Trained site managers with some experience can earn £35,000 – £45,000
  • Senior or chartered site managers can earn £45,000 – £50,000

What makes a good site manager?

A good manager will have knowledge and experience of the building and construction sector. Time Management and Good leadership skills are essential for juggling all site personnel. The site manager role will involve some quick thinking, initiative and being able to work under pressure.

What is the difference between a site manager and site supervisor

The Site Supervisor takes a leadership role on site, supervising and directing operations on the construction site, also with an emphasis on health and safety. The Supervisor will report to the Manager who ultimately has full management responsibility.

How much is a site managers course

Experienced Site Managers wanting to complete their L6 NVQ with Workforce Skills Support can mention our blog to receive a 10% discount using the code #SiteManager on booking. This offer is available until December 2022. The standard cost is £1995 + VAT. We offer various payment options for individuals to help achieve this qualification.

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