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Course Aims

This course aims to provide thorough practical and theory training in Plant and Vehicle Marshaller, to enable the candidate to competently and safely carry out the role and pass the CPCS Theory and Practical Tests.

Traffic Marshall Course Content

To provide knowledge and understanding in the following areas:
Roles and responsibilities
Regulatory requirements
Plant types, limitations, hazards and stability factors
Work management traffic plan
Proximity hazards
Safe positioning
Communication methods
Preparing for movement
Guidance of plant and vehicle movement
Traffic Marshall FAQs
How long is the CPCS A73 Traffic Marshall Training Course?
To be confirmed on completion of Initial Analysis, dependant on experience.
How long is the Teaching and Assessment?
2 days training – classroom lessons and practical exercises

1 day assessment – CPCS technical tests
Can you tell me more about the Traffic Marshall Test ?
To achieve the Red CPCS Trained Operator Card candidates must pass both the CSCS touch screen H+S test (within the last 2 years) and the CPCS Theory Test and the Practical Test.

To upgrade the Red CPCS Trained Operator Card you will have to achieve, within 2 year, the relevant NVQ.
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CPCS Traffic Marshall
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SQA Accredited
CITB Accredited
NPORS Accredited
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