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What is the CITB grant?

October 4, 2023

What is the CITB grant?


Several types of grants are available to CITB levy registered companies – a complete list of these can be found on the link below.

We help many clients claim these grants, particularly short qualification grants. We are a CITB Approved Training organisation, and as part of our service, we claim the grant on your behalf at the completion of the NVQ – if eligible. A list of the NVQs we deliver can be found on the link below – here, you can search alphabetically under the sector heading.

All NVQs

Since 01 April 2023, CITB has implemented Grant increases for Supervision and Management specific Construction NVQs. More recently, the very popular Occupational Work Supervision has been added to the enhanced list and will be backdated for completers since 1st April. Great News for our clients!

This supports the plan to move all Industry Accreditation (IA) cardholders to a recognised qualification, leading to the relevant CSCS card. You can learn more about Industry accreditation withdrawal and the reasons behind it here.


What grant is available for Supervisors?

Supervision grant increase – £1250 (previously £600)

See below the list of Enhanced Grants for our popular Supervisory NVQs


Level 3 Construction Contracting

Level 3 Occupational Work Supervision

Level 4 Construction Site Supervision


What grant is available for Managers?

Management grant increase – £1500 (previously £600)

See below the list of Enhanced Grants for our popular Management NVQs


Level 6 Construction Site Management

Level 6 Construction Contracting

Level 6 Senior Site Inspection

Level 7 Construction Senior Management


If you would like to take advantage of these enhanced grants, please get in touch with our helpful team; we would be happy to discuss the options available to you. CONTACT US


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