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Senior Site Inspection
-Level 6 NVQ Diploma

About this NVQ

Qualification title
Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Senior Site Inspection
This level 6 NVQ qualification is aimed at individuals working in a range of roles in construction and the built environment and is designed to assess occupational competence in the workplace.
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Qualification Structure

For this NVQ Candidates must complete a minimum of 8 units: 6 from Mandatory Units, 1 from Group A Optional Units, 1 from Group B Optional Units. 
What is the Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Senior Site Inspection?
The Level 6 NVQ is a vocational qualification for individuals working in the construction industry who are responsible for managing and inspecting construction sites.
Who is this Level 6 NVQ qualification for?
This qualification is suitable for individuals who are working in construction and have significant experience in site inspection and management. It is particularly relevant for those who are responsible for managing and inspecting large-scale construction sites.
What skills and knowledge will I gain from this qualification?
This NVQ covers a range of skills and knowledge required for managing and inspecting construction sites, including health and safety, project management, communication, leadership, and technical expertise in construction.
What are the entry requirements for this qualification?
To enroll in the Level 6 NVQ Diploma, learners must have significant experience in construction site inspection and management, typically at least five years of experience.
How is this qualification assessed?
This qualification is assessed through a combination of on-the-job assessment and the submission of a portfolio of evidence demonstrating the learner's competence in a range of areas.
What are the career opportunities after completing this qualification?
This level 6 NVQ can lead to a range of career opportunities in construction, including project management, site management, and senior site inspection roles.
Can I apply for a CSCS card on completion?
Yes, You can be eligible for the CSCS Black card, as long as you have completed the Managers and Professional Health and Safety Test within 2 years of applying for the card.
How do I enquire in this qualification?
You can enquire about this NVQ using the contact form below.
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NVQ Level 6 Diploma Senior Site Inspection
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