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Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA)

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Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA)

Total Qual. Time

3-4 Hours
The Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) scheme is designed for all persons who require access to operational sites, both permanent and temporary, including all levels of operatives, supervisors and management and includes utilities works such as Water, Gas, Power, Cross-Country Pipelines (CCP), Telecommunications, Core, Waste and Resource Management, these are also accredited through the CSCS Card partner Scheme

Who should attend

This course is suitable for those who carry out utilities work or supervising and managing utility works or sites and want to ensure safe working practices are implemented.

Benefits of attending a SHEA Course

Improved awareness of health, safety and environmental requirements
A more competent and confident workforce
Contextualised content makes it 100% relevant to individuals working in the industry
Interactive programme that caters for different learning styles
Delivered by trainers with first-hand experience in the industry
SHEA registrations allow access to CSCS controlled sites for utilities work

SHEA Scheme Details

SHEA Core – All SHEA schemes contain the same SHEA core content, the SHEA Core course consists of six units that are common to all health and safety contexts. The SHEA Core can be taken as a course in its own right and consists of: Unit 1: Understanding our workplace responsibilities Unit 2: Understanding the effects of our work on the working environment Unit 3: Identifying and controlling risks Unit 4: Common hazards in the workplace Unit 5: Occupational health hazards Unit 6: Responding to emergencies.

SHEA Water – Water industry course including additional units on highway working and excavations, sewerage network and process operations.

SHEA Gas- Developed for the gas industry with specialist units on highway working and excavations, safety in premises and pressure regulating installations.

SHEA Power – Power industry course including additional units on power industry hazards and power generation and distribution.

SHEA Cross-Country Pipelines (CCP) – The Cross-Country Pipeline course covers our core units as well as specialist units on traffic management, welding and non-destructive testing and the environment.

SHEA Telecommunications – Developed for the telecommunications industry with an additional unit on highway working and excavations.

SHEA Waste and Resources Management – Developed for the waste management industry, the course covers our core units, contextualised to the industry. There is also an additional unit on waste collection.
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CITB Grants
SHEA Core – CITB Grant Course Code: GET2280, Grant: Tier 1 = £30 per person

SHEA Water – CITB Grant Course Code: GET2315, Grant: Tier 1 = £30 per person

SHEA Gas – CITB Grant Course Code: GET2272, Grant: Tier 1 = £30 per person

SHEA Power – CITB Grant Course Code: GET2300, Grant: Tier 1 = £30 per person

SHEA Waste – CITB Grant Course Code: GET2281, Grant: Tier 1 = £30 per person

SHEA Cross-Country pipelines – CITB Grant Course Code: GET2271, Grant: Tier 1 = £30 per person
SHEA (EUSR) registration
This is a nationally recognised qualification through Energy and Utility Skills Register (EUSR) and on completion of the course leads to the appropriate scheme card which is a CSCS partnership approved scheme.
SHEA (EUSR) Registration Renewal
The registration expiry depends on the scheme required for renewal, most schemes expire at the 3 year point, For example: If your EUSR registration for SHEA Power is dated 09/05/2021 and you use modules in this scheme to access reduced training and assessment for a SHEA Water registration, both registrations will expire on 08/05/2024.

SHEA Gas registration lasts 5 years.
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Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA)
Acclaim Accredited
Proqual Accredited
Armed Forces Covenant Accredited
SQA Accredited
CITB Accredited
NPORS Accredited
IATP Accredited
ACAD Accredited
Bita Accredited
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