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Cat and Genny (Cable / Utility Avoidance) Level 2 Award


Cat and Genny (Cable / Utility Avoidance) Level 2 Award

About the Award In Utility Avoidance

Qualification title

Level 2 Award in Utility Avoidance and the Location of Buried Services in Construction ( Cable / Utility Avoidance )


Utility Avoidance in Construction
The award in utility avoidance course can be adapted to suit the client’s requirements, training can be delivered on site using the client’s training room or at a convenient, suitable location.

Who should attend:

This course is for anyone who is involved in excavation or survey work on construction sites to detect the presence of underground services. This course is ideal for roles such as ground survey teams, excavation operatives, those needing to detect services prior to carrying out work, it is also suitable for those supervising or managing these operations.

Qualification Structure:

To achieve the qualification the learner must complete the Mandatory Unit.

Course Details

Course Duration

Minimum of 6 hours

Course Numbers

Minimum - 4 Learners
Maximum - 8 Learners

Candidates will be trained in a classroom environment on the safe use and practices involved with the use of both the Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) and Signal Generator (Genny), including the procedures as stated in HSE Guidance HSG47 – Avoiding danger from underground services, practical demonstrations on the equipment will be provided by the trainer, candidates will then be assessed on practical application of all modes relating to the equipment to meet the Level 2 Award requirements.

Course Content

The scope of this standard covers:
HSG47- Avoiding danger from underground services
Cat & Genny Modes and limitations
Using CAT and genny locators, limitations and software
Passive Signals
Nulling out – of detected service
Induction and direct connection of the signal generator
Inspection, calibration and testing equipment
Safe working practices – service plans, utility marking
Permits to work
Practical Assessment
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Client Requirements

Candidates attending the course are requested to bring a Hi Vis Vest or Jacket. If training is provided on-site then full site-standard PPE will be required.
For further clarification on this, please contact us
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Candidates must demonstrate the level of knowledge described in the unit, this can be covered on the day through written questioning, this element of the assessment is the process of measuring a candidate’s knowledge and understanding against the standards set in the qualification.

Practical assessment will be carried out by the tutor through observation of each delegate to ensure the qualification standards are being met.

Each candidate is required to produce evidence which demonstrates their achievement of all of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each unit.

Evidence can include:
portfolio of evidence
record of oral and/or written questioning
candidate test papers

Do I need to complete this qualification again?

NO. This is a lifetime qualification and there is no requirements to carry out this qualification again once achieved.

HOWEVER – to maintain your continual professional development (CPD) on changes in legislation, safe working practices and equipment developments a 3-year cycle of training should be undertaken, this would be achieved through attending a ½ day refresher course for Detection of Buried Services training.
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CITB Levy registered business Information

Workforce Skills Support has CITB Approved status delivering CITB Assured Courses as listed in the Construction Training Directory. We are recognised by CITB as well as the British Construction Industry as a training provider who can deliver good quality training that meets the industry approved standards. 

We are part of the CITB’s automated grant payments system, making it easier for employers to book courses with us for their workers and be reimbursed for it.

Short Duration Course Achievement Grant

There is a cap on how many times an employer can claim a Short duration course achievement grant. The link directs you to the CITB website for information on the number of claims allowed based on your last levy return.

If a candidate has been paid grant for a particular course in a lifetime, they will not be eligible for grant again for the same course, unless it has specific refresher standards published on the short duration course register.

If refresher course standards do exist for a particular course, then only one refresher is grant eligible in a lifetime for each candidate.
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How much is it?

You can claim £600 for each achievement, up to a maximum of 2 achievements at each level per individual. You can only claim once for an individual on the same achievement.

This qualification does qualify for the £600 grant per attendee if your organisation is CITB Levy registered.

photographic id requirements
cat and genny
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Detection of Buried Services for Construction (CAT and Genny)

We also offer Cat & Genny Training, which is a 1/2 Day Course for the Detection of Buried Services for Construction.
Detection of Buried Services

Frequently asked questions about Cat and Genny (Cable / Utility Avoidance) Level 2 Award

What does CAT stand for in CAT and Genny?

Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) and Signal Generator (Genny). Other terminology that you may hear on Construction Sites are Cable Avoidance and Utility Avoidance. These all related to the use of the CAT and Genny

What is Cat and Genny Training?

A cat and genny is a cable avoidance tool and signal generator that is used to locate cables, reduce the likelihood of cable strikes and to allow safer digging. Its an essential piece of equipment in construction especially when intending to carry out any ground excavation works.
Cat and Genny training is theory and practical assessment to ensure you are a competent user of the Cat and Genny
As an employer it is vital that you have trained your workforce in the use of Cat and Genny and you are confident they can carry out these duties safely to prevent any legal implications.

How long does it take to complete the cat and genny qualification?

The L2 award / Cat and Genny Training is 1 day. Delivered by a qualified Tutor who train the candidates in a classroom environment about the practices and safe use of the Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) and Signal Generator (Genny). This training includes the procedures stated in the HSE Guidance HSG47 - Avoiding danger from underground services. There will also be practical demonstrations using the equipment during the course, and candidate will be able to prove they can use the equipment’s in all modes.

Do you need training to use a CAT Scanner?

It is essential that Cat and Genny training is provided for anyone that has the responsibility of works that breaks the ground to avoid damage to underground service supplies and the related dangers from striking underground services as covered by specific legal responsibilities such as the Construction (Design & Management) regulation.
As an employer it is vital that you have trained your workforce in the use of Cat and Genny and you are confident they can carry out these duties safely to minimise any health and safety risks for workers and the public and also reduce the risk of any disruption and fines caused by damaged utilities.

How do you use a Cat and Genny

Cat and Genny training will provide you with the theoretical knowledge on the safe working practices to be carried out prior to breaking ground and practical use on both the Cable Avoidance Tool and signal generator, this will include all course material and handouts for you to take away.
Following the course you will be a competent user of the Cat and Genny.
It is not advisable to use a cat and Genny without recognised training although manufacturers and hire companies will provide manuals for the make and model of the kits they supply
As an employer incorrect use of Cat and Genny by your workforce can cause direct damage to workers, the public and infrastructure and formal training can minimise these risks significantly

What is Level 2 qualification in utility location and avoidance?

The L2 qualification in Utility Avoidance / Cat and Genny training will provide the practical and theoretical training on the safe working practices to be completed by operatives and supervisors for conducting cable avoidance operations with the use of a Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) and the signal generator (Genny) and is a recognized qualification in this topic. This will include knowledge prior to breaking the ground, the pre-work surveys that must be completed to avoid damage to underground service supplies to correspond with current legislation and guidance such as HSG47 - Avoiding danger from underground services, and Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.
As an employer it is a way to be confident you have adequate training in Cat and Genny and provides a recognised qualification and certificate to demonstrate this

I would like to book this course what do I do?

Contact our helpful team and we will discuss this with you.
If you are a construction company, we can offer a dedicated course for your workforce. We can provide the equipment unless you have specialist equipment and you would like the course tailored to your own make and models of cat and Genny

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Cat and Genny (Cable / Utility Avoidance) Level 2 Award
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