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About the Utility Avoidance – C.A.T and Genny Course

September 9, 2022

What is the Utility Avoidance Course?

This course will provide you with the practical and theoretical training on the safe working practices to be completed by the workforce prior to breaking ground, the pre-work surveys must be completed to avoid damage to underground service supplies to correspond with current legislation and guidance such as HSG47 – Avoiding danger from underground services, and Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015. You will be provided training on the latest Radiodetection Cable Avoidance Tools (C.A.T) 4+, and Signal Generator range, but this course can also be tailored to the equipment you use within your organisation and delivered at any location of your choice.

Who should attend the Utility Avoidance Course?

This course is for anyone involved in breaking ground, excavation or survey work within the workplace or construction sites to detect the presence of underground services. This course is ideal for roles such as ground survey teams, excavation operatives, groundworkers and those needing to see benefits before carrying out work. It is also suitable for those supervising or managing these operations.

About the course and its content

A Highly Qualified Tutor will train the candidates in a classroom environment about the practices and safe use of the Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) and Signal Generator (Genny). This training includes the procedures stated in the HSE Guidance HSG47 – Avoiding danger from underground services. There will also be practical demonstrations using the equipment during the course. 

Course Content

  • HSG47- Avoiding danger from underground services
  • Cat & Genny Modes and limitations
  • Using CAT and genny locators, limitations and software
  • Passive Signals
  • Nulling out of detected service
  • Induction and direct connection of the signal generator
  • Inspection, calibration and testing of equipment
  • Safe working practices – service plans, utility marking
  • Permits to work
  • Practical Assessment

Methods of delivery

There is 2-way workforce Skills support (WSS) can offer this course to you:

  1.  As a CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO), we can provide a course which meets the CITB standards for the detection of buried services where you will be certificated for attendance and pass with a Workforce Skills Support accredited Certificate.
  1.  As an accredited centre through the awarding organisation ProQual, we offer the nationally recognised qualification – Level 2 Award in Utility Avoidance and the Location of Buried Services in Construction, you will receive a ProQual Accredited certificate.

Both of these qualifications are eligible for funding through the CITB Levy system if your organisation is a CITB levy payer, please contact us for further information regarding this, you can also visit our website pages for further information using the links below:

Detection of Buried Services

ProQual Level 2 Award in Utility Avoidance and the Location of Buried Services in Construction

What we provide you

We will provide you with the theoretical knowledge on the safe working practices to be carried out prior to breaking ground and practical use on both the Cable Avoidance Tool and signal generator, this will include all course material and handouts for you to take away.

What we require from you

Candidates attending the course must bring a Hi Vis Vest or jacket or full site PPE if the training takes place on a construction site. You will also be required to provide a photographic Identification on the day of the course to the tutor, for information on acceptable forms of ID please refer to our website page using the link:

Do I need to complete this qualification again?

  1. CITB Detection of Buried Services (WSS Certification)

YES. This course certification will last 3 years as it is important to maintain your knowledge and update your skills regularly as systems and procedures are changed and developed.

  1. ProQual Level 2 Award in Utility Avoidance and the Location of Buried Services in Construction.

NO. This is a lifetime qualification and there is no requirements to carry out this qualification again once achieved.

HOWEVER – to maintain your continual professional development (CPD) on changes in legislation, safe working practices and equipment developments a 3-year cycle of training should be undertaken, this would be achieved through attending a ½ day refresher course for Detection of Buried Services training.

For further clarification on this, please get in touch with us. 

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